MANSFIELD, MA -- September 23, 2002 - Axeda Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: XEDA), the leading provider of device relationship management (DRM) enterprise software and services, announced today that Hitachi High-Technologies - Kasado Works, a major Japanese semiconductor tool manufacturer, has licensed the Axeda Device Relationship Management System™ for use in Hitachi Series Plasma Etch System including its M700 and U700 series for 300mm wafer application. Hitachi High-Technologies - Kasado Works will now use Axeda DRM™ to demonstrate e-Diagnostics features and functions of its tools when deployed at facilities around the world through comprehensive remote monitoring, diagnostics, and management.

"Fabs today face increasing pressures for operational efficiency and cost management. Given that our systems play a critical role in fab operations, we want to become increasingly proactive in managing the health and performance of our tools," said Mr. Hideyuki Yamamoto, senior engineer of Hitachi High-Technologies - Kasado Works. "Our partnership with Axeda lets us rapidly enable our products for remote service and management so we can maximize equipment uptime and customer satisfaction. DRM represents a new key initiative in our ongoing commitment to meet or exceed the quality commitment we have with our worldwide customer base and to comply with SEMATECH standard levels 0 through 2."

"High costs and low operational efficiency are significant problems for semiconductor fabrication facilities. According to International SEMATECH, the cost of equipment downtime to a chip manufacturer can exceed $100,000 an hour. As a result, equipment manufacturers must assure their service organization can respond quickly and efficiently to address fab problems 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world," said Mr. Dale Calder, Axeda president and founder. "Axeda DRM is emerging as the most practical and cost-effective way for equipment manufacturers to deploy remote monitoring and e-Diagnostic capability, while simultaneously meeting the stringent security requirements of fab operators."

Axeda and HHT announced earlier this year that Hitachi High Technology had licensed Axeda DRM for its Japanese application service provider (ASP) center enabling HHT to offer new managed services based on Axeda DRM to industrial companies. Today's announcement represents a new relationship where the Kasado Works semiconductor tool manufacturing division will deploy Axeda DRM within their own products and Customer Service Center. This implementation of Axeda DRM in a semiconductor tool manufacturing facility is the first of its kind to be deployed in Japan and is part of a larger effort aimed at accelerating the adoption of DRM in the semiconductor industry there.

The Axeda Device Relationship Management System incorporates e-diagnostic features and functions that support emerging semiconductor industry guidelines and standards now being created by the International SEMATECH (ISMT), Selete and SEMI organizations. With Axeda DRM, semiconductor equipment manufacturers can now securely leverage the Internet to remotely monitor, manage, and service intelligent devices deployed at fabs anywhere in the world-cost effectively and in real time. These companies rapidly gain competitive advantage by increasing their operating efficiency and profitability while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction and retention.

The Hitachi M700 and U700 series, two of the first systems in the industry to meet the 300mm etch demand, use minimal valuable cleanroom space while providing optimum productivity for the fab. The Hitachi M700 series meets or exceeds all I300I and SELETE standards for FOUP or open cassette interfaces. Designed to meet all Poly, Trench, Dielectric, Metal, Nitride and Low K Etch needs in the 300mm arena, the Hitachi M700 and U700 series provide two etch and two ash chambers and utilize the proven dual blade robot and Windows NT based operating software from the M600. This user-friendly software makes programming and data retrieval fast and simple through the use of an intuitive graphic interface.

About Axeda
Axeda Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: XEDA) is the leading provider of device relationship management (DRM) enterprise software and services. Axeda helps businesses become more competitive by using the Internet to extract real-time information hidden in their intelligent devices. The company's flagship product, the Axeda Device Relationship Management System™, is a distributed software solution that lets businesses remotely monitor, manage and service intelligent devices, deployed around the world, allowing them to optimize their service, development, sales and manufacturing operations. Axeda customers are Global 2000 companies in many markets including Industrial and Building Automation, Enterprise Storage, High-technology, Medical Instrumentation, Office Automation and Semiconductor Equipment industries. Axeda has sales and service offices in the US, Europe and Japan, and distribution partners worldwide. More information about Axeda is available at .

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Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, was newly reformed in October 1, 2001 by combining the high-tech trading company Nissei Sangyo Co., Ltd, with the Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Group and Instruments Group of Hitachi, Ltd. The company is focusing on advanced technologies areas like IT, biotechnology and nanotechnology, and engaged in activities in a broad range of fields, including device manufacturing equipment, life sciences, information and manufacturing, electronic components, and advanced industrial materials. For further information, visit .

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Everyday intelligent devices such as copiers, elevators, vending machines, building control units, medical devices, computers and storage systems, and industrial machines are an important new source of business information. Device relationship management systems allow companies to tap into this valuable information anytime anywhere. Pioneered by Axeda, device relationship management technology provides a distributed information management system that leverages the Internet to allow timely, accurate, and unbiased information to be communicated automatically between intelligent devices, wherever they are deployed around the world, and service personnel or enterprise business systems. Device Relationship Management helps turn reactive businesses into proactive businesses providing new sources of revenue, increased operational efficiency and lower costs with an ROI that is often measured in months.

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