MANSFIELD, MA -- November 11, 2002 - Axeda Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: XEDA), the world's leading provider of device relationship management (DRM) enterprise software and services, announced today that MAQUET, a division of global surgical and sterilization equipment supplier The Getinge Group, has licensed the Axeda DRM™ system to enable service operations to remotely monitor, manage and service their diagnosis and patient transfer systems. These new radio-translucent operating tables include MAQUET's Advanced Workplace for Image Guided Surgery (AWIGS) and Vascular Interventional Workplace for Advanced Surgery (VIWAS) integrated surgery and radiology workplaces.

The Axeda DRM system will allow MAQUET to extend the reach of its service organization to provide immediate response around the world in the most effective way possible, satisfying an ambitious target to provide clinics and hospitals with the best possible technical conditions for their medical work - to the benefit of all patients. Every minute counts in the operating theatre, minutes that could save lives in an emergency. "Rapid response to customer service inquires is essential for us," said Dr. Heribert Ballhaus, president of MAQUET. "This system will allow us to extend the reach of our service organization to provide immediate response around the world in the most effective way possible. The added flexibility will enable us to begin to deploy this powerful technology in a matter of weeks, not months."

The flexible AWIGS / VIWAS system allows a trauma patient to remain on a single platform while at the hospital - from examination and imaging through the end of surgery - greatly reducing the risk and time involved in transferring a patient to different platforms. With Axeda DRM, MAQUET will be able to monitor AWIGS / VIWAS systems around the world. Service personnel will continuously verify platform status and performance at any hospital, remotely diagnosing problems and dispatching service personnel only if needed. MAQUET will benefit from real-time access to critical system information while hospitals will benefit from immediate service to a critical asset.

"We are extremely pleased to be selected by an innovator like MAQUET to help transform their customer service and business operations with device relationship management. Together, we will enable leading-edge, proactive services that achieve maximum responsiveness and result in the highest levels of customer satisfaction," said Robert M Russell Jr., chairman and CEO of Axeda Systems. "It is clear, as increasing numbers of leading medical and scientific instrument manufacturers worldwide choose Axeda DRM, that our system is proving to be the best solution for the remote monitoring, management and service of intelligent devices in this industry."

The Axeda DRM system is a distributed enterprise software solution that lets service organizations proactively monitor, diagnose, repair and re-supply intelligent devices when remotely deployed at customer sites. The system ensures the secure transmission of instrument data via the Internet from remote instruments to service representatives, alerting them if an instrument is operating outside preset performance standards. Unlike telephone-based systems, Axeda DRM leverages patent-pending Firewall-Friendly™ Internet communications technology and existing network security within medical facilities. These and other features enable users to comply with regulations protecting patient information such as 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA.

Axeda DRM helps minimize support calls and time on the phone, reduces the number of costly, unscheduled or unnecessary service visits, and increases device uptime to further enhance customer productivity and satisfaction. DRM also enables new, high-value managed-service offerings such as automated consumable replenishment, system upgrades and pay-for-use billing approaches such as cost-per-reportable programs. Ultimately, Axeda DRM enables full-lifecycle feedback that can be used to benefit multiple parts of the business including product development, marketing, sales, operations, and manufacturing.

MAQUET GmbH & Co. KG, based in Rastatt, Germany, is the world market leader in operating tables and system solutions for the operating theatre. MAQUET has developed the integrated high-tech AWIGS unit made up of a maneuverable operating table with two columns and an option to transfer a completely radiotranslucent operating table top directly into the attached computer tomograph. MAQUET GmbH & Co. KG is part of the Surgical Systems division of the Swedish GETINGE group. More information is available at .

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Axeda Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: XEDA) is the world's leading provider of device relationship management (DRM) enterprise software and services. Axeda helps businesses become more competitive by using the Internet to extract real-time information hidden in their intelligent devices. The company's flagship product, the Axeda Device Relationship Management System™, is a distributed software solution that lets businesses remotely monitor, manage and service intelligent devices, deployed around the world, allowing them to optimize their service, development, sales and manufacturing operations. Axeda customers are Global 2000 companies in many markets including Medical Instrumentation, Enterprise Technology, Industrial and Building Automation, Office Automation and Semiconductor Equipment industries. Axeda has sales and service offices in the US, Europe and Japan, and distribution partners worldwide. More information about Axeda is available at .

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Everyday intelligent devices such as copiers, elevators, vending machines, building control units, medical devices, computers and storage systems, and industrial machines are an important new source of business information. Device relationship management systems allow companies to tap into this valuable information anytime anywhere. Pioneered by Axeda, device relationship management technology provides a distributed information management system that leverages the Internet to allow timely, accurate, and unbiased information to be communicated automatically between intelligent devices, wherever they are deployed around the world, and service personnel or enterprise business systems. Device relationship management helps turn reactive businesses into proactive businesses providing new sources of revenue, increased operational efficiency and lower costs, with an ROI that is often measured in months.

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