Axeda offers a highly differentiated service for connecting to remote devices and assets, managing connected products, integrating Machine and Sensor Data with enterprise systems, and developing IoT/M2M applications. Below are the capabilities that set Axeda apart.


Axeda Overview


Easily Connect to Any Wired or Wireless Asset
Axeda’s proven agent technology and connectivity services enable companies to securely connect to any wired or wireless asset with their choice of hardware or edge device. This flexibility future-proofs investments since companies can support multiple devices and swap out hardware if their requirements change. Axeda also uses byte compact message and file formats to minimize data traffic over-the-air.  For addition security and compliance, Axeda provides policy management for access control, logging and auditing of interactions with assets and equipment.


Manage Large Amounts of Machine Data Securely in the Cloud
Axeda provides a highly scalable and secure cloud for complex event processing and data handling. The Axeda cloud efficiently stores and manages data for applications, analysis, and integration with other systems. Axeda provides unique caching, throttling, and queuing technology to handle the unique data formats and traffic patterns often encountered in IoT/M2M solutions.


Remotely Service Assets and Distribute Software and Content
Axeda’s out-of-the-box, Web-based connected product management applications enable companies to remotely service a full range of devices and products. From ventilators to ATMs to self-service kiosks to storage arrays to digital signs and more — operations and support organizations can obtain real-time views of product configurations, health status, data history, and alarms. Axeda also provides a software management application for distributing software and content to devices and assets.


Analyze Machine Data and Usage to Gain Insights
Axeda manages “big data” for IoT/M2M.  Axeda’s reports, dashboards, and business intelligence tools provide valuable insights into the connected product and its usage. Organizations including service, sales, finance, and engineering can analyze the data and improve business results. 


Optimize Business Processes and IoT/M2Mize Your Enterprise with Business System Integration
Axeda’s integration framework and Web Services simplify enterprise integration and enable machine data to easily flow into other systems and operational applications. As a result, every organization from within a company can benefit from the IoT/M2M initiative — R&D can build better products; finance can bill more effectively based on usage data; and sales can sell more warranties, consumables, and value-added services.


Innovate and Differentiate with New Solutions and Services for Your Customers
Axeda provides a platform and application services for companies to develop new innovative IoT/M2M applications that reinvent the customer and product experience and differentiate their product and service offerings. Axeda customers’ end-users are realizing true innovation by using new connected product solutions that are deployed in hospitals, banks, factories, retail outlets, and more.


Leverage Axeda IoT/M2M Expertise and Experience to Drive Results
Axeda’s domain expertise — 12 years of experience in IoT/M2M — and proven platform and applications will drive significant improvements in business results. Connect your products to our cloud to differentiate your offerings and enjoy the improvements in innovation, customer satisfaction, efficiency and value-added services. Business benefits include:

  • Differentiated offerings that increase revenue
  • More efficient and effective business processes
  • Improved time-to-value
  • Reduced development and service costs
  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower risk