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Axeda has formed a strategic alliance with Wipro Technologies to provide services and end-to-end solutions to help organizations connect with any asset, leverage machine data to enhance business processes and develop new innovative enterprise applications.   Wipro’s strategic relationship with Axeda ensures built-in expertise that fundamentally enables faster rollout of IoT services.  From device management to quick application enablement, organizations can pick a solution that is easily repeated, making every aspect of IoT offerings easier.  This end-to-end solution reduces implementation risks, program management and custom development costs, and speeds time-to-value.

Featured Resource

Wipro M2M solutions powered by Axeda includes a comprehensive portfolio of industry vertical solutions, horizontal solution components, an M2M monetization platform and managed IT and business operations.

Recommended Resources

A whitepaper from Wipro on how Communication Services Providers (CSPs) have begun actively investing since recognizing the potential of the M2M market.

A Wipro whitepaper disucssing a framework for M2M based targeted mobile coupon delivery, Telcos to offer a strong value proposition to manufacturers, retailers and consumers and generate additional revenue streams for all.